Let us manage all of your catering and event needs

  • Our Catering Specialists can personally assist you to customize menus to meet your catering needs and budgets
  • Yes, we DELIVER! Delivery service includes all set up
  • We accept last minute orders (less than 24 hours) but orders of $250 or more need to be placed by 6pm the day prior
  • Blue Line Pizza has a wide range of allergen-friendly items including gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, soy-free and nut-free options
  • All Specialty Pizzas can be made as Deep Dish or Thin Crust
  • Our Thin Crust is vegan. Our gluten-free crust is vegan as well
  • Craft beer and regional wine packages available
  • All large pizzas have 8 slices but can be “party cut” for more slices per pie
  • Food labels are included for all orders

Catering Order Guide

Not sure how much food you’ll to order? Use our Ordering Guide to help decide what you may need:

Suggested Quantities To Order

* Suggested quantities are for reference only and may need to be adjusted based on item combinations, appetites, etc.

* Catering Platter portions are sized to serve catering and large groups


Ready to order?


Or, contact our Catering Team at catering@bluelinepizza.com or call 408-680-2210.